Universal Container With Spoon, Printed Label, Attached Spoon (Spoon Removable) Sterile 30ml [Pack of 50]

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Universal Container With Spoon, Printed Label, Attached Spoon (Spoon Removable) Sterile 30ml [Pack of 50]

MPC: 327155

Universal Containers are widely used in UK hospitals and clinics for the collection and storage of biological matter including urine and faecal samples. These 30ml Universal Containers are conical based, skirted and supplied with a printed label. All the materials used to produce the Universal Containers are non-cytotoxic.
The container is manufactured from virgin polystyrene and the screw-cap is manufactured from polypropylene and incorporates a fitted spoon, making them suitable for faecal collection. The overall height of the container is 93mm and it has a diameter of 30mm with the cap on.
Without the cap the tube is 90.5mm in height, has an outer diameter of 24.5mm and an inner diameter of 22mm. The secure screw-cap design ensures leak-proof performance that has been tested in accordance with BS EN 14254 Annexe D. These containers can also be centrifuged at up to 3800g.
The Universal Containers are aseptically manufactured under cleanroom conditions (class 7 ISO 14644) to exclude microbiological contamination. They are CE marked in accordance with the European Directive 98/79/EC and are intended for in vitro use.

Polypropylene lid with PF resin container

  • Ideal for your sample collection, transport and storage needs
  • Ideal for general patient sample collection, storage and transport needs
  • Fitted with leakproof flow seal cap
  • Supplied sterile

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