Tubigrip Arthro-Pad Foam Padded Support Small


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   Product Brand       Tubigrip
   Part No. / MPC       1585

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Tubigrip Arthro-Pad Foam Padded Support Small

MPC: 1585

Tubigrip Arthro-Pads are used to provide support for the elbow or knee after injury or surgery. They may also be of value to patients with arthritis of these joints.

Tubigrip Arthro-Pads are constructed from polyurethane foam enclosed in a double layer of flesh shade Tubigrip. 

This double layer of Tubigrip provides firm support, encouraging use of the affected joint. In addition, the combination of Tubigrip and polyurethane foam retains body heat, which helps to relieve pain.
Arthro-Pads are quick and easy to apply, making them suitable for outpatient and community use. 

They are also washable, for repeated use. The colour of Tubigrip Arthro-Pad is cosmetically acceptable to most patients.

Benefits of Use

• Provides firm, comfortable support for the affected joint
• Retains body heat to help ease pain
• Easily applied and removed
• Washable, for repeated use
• Autoclavable, for use when sterile application is required

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