Insight Tracheostomy Speaking Valve Non-Sterile [Pack of 2]


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Insight Tracheostomy Speaking Valve Non-Sterile [Pack of 2]

Fits securely to a 15mm connector tracheostomy tube.

The device has a one way mechanism that opens when the patient breathes in, allowing air into the airway via the tracheostomy.

The valve closes on expiration allowing air to follow the normal route of expiration through the mouth and nose, instead of the tracheostomy, permitting speech.

Being ‘hands free’ allows voicing to take place without the need for finger occlusion, so reducing possible infection and hygiene concerns.

  • For non-ventilated patient

  • Lightweight to reduce pressure on the stoma site

  • Reduces hygiene and infection concerns

  • Ridged sides enabling quick application and removal

  • Supplied complete with storage box

  • Can be used for up to 30 days

  • Manufactured in the United Kingdom

  • Latex Free

  • CE Marked

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