BD Venflon Pro Cannula With Injection Port Pink 20g X 32mm [Pack of 1]


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This product is no longer available, please see SKU: 02272 and 01356 as an alternative.

BD Venflon Pro Cannula With Injection Port Pink 20g X 32mm [Pack of 1]

MPC: 393204

  • Design based on the clinically proven BD Venflon™ Platform and has integrated injection ports.

  • The improved design of the injection port cap ensures easy opening and secure closing, whilst avoiding touch contamination of the injection port and valve.

  • Improved insertion characteristics as BD Vialon™ makes it possible to manufacture a catheter with a better tapered, stronger and more reliable tip geometry which improves the chances of a first cannulation attempt success and also reduces the risk of thrombophlebitis.

  • Although the catheter material is rigid before insertion, the qualities of BD Vialon™ allow for softening of the catheter material once it is inside the body, again reducing the risk of thrombophlebitis.

  • There is an improved flow rate when compared with Teflon™ catheters as BD Vialon™ allows for a larger internal diameter.

  • BD Luer-Lok™ compatible

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