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Propulse Ear Irrigator (With 10 QRX Tips)
Coil Remover Forceps
Tenaculum Forceps 25cm [Pack of 1]
Thudicum Nasal Specula (No. 2)
Thudicum Nasal Specula, Size 1[1]
AW Spirit 128Hz Tuning Fork
Hartmann Tuning Fork (No Base) - 4096Hz
Hartmann Tuning Fork (No Base) - 512Hz
Tuning Forks (With Base) - 128Hz
Tuning Forks (With Base) - 256Hz
Tuning Forks (With Base) - 1024Hz
Tuning Fork (With Base) - 512 Hz
Tuning Fork (With Base) - 2048 Hz
Tuning Forks (With Base) - 4096Hz
AW Spirit 256Hz Tuning Fork
Farla Apron Dispenser
Large Anatomical Ear Model
Anatomical Chart - Ear, Nose & Throat
Glegg Nasal Snare
Plastic Forceps with Jaw Grips

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