Portex Sterile Blue Line Ultra Tracheostomy Tube Inner Cannula 7.0mm ID [2]


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Portex Sterile Blue Line Ultra Tracheostomy Tube Inner Cannula 7.0mm ID [2]

Blue Line Ultra® Suctionaid®

A new addition to the Blue Line Ultra® range, the Blue Line Ultra Suctionaid® is ideal for improving patient well-being by maintaining a clean, hygienic and unobstructed airway and having the ability to remove secretions from above the cuff.

  • Reducing the risk of infection
  • Reducing the risk of aspiration
  • Maintaining patient comfort
  • All the benefits of Blue Line Ultra® including Soft Seal cuff - low pressure, high volume to minimise risk of tracheal trauma while maintaining an effective seal

Reducing the potential risk of infection

Accumulation and stasis of contaminated mucus and subglottic secretions above the cuff of tracheostomy tubes can be uncomfortable for patients and provides an ideal growth medium for pathogens. The integral suction lumen of Blue Line Ultra Suctionaid allows removal of these pooled secretions.

Reducing the risk of aspiration

However good the cuff, microaspiration of contaminated material can potentially lead to pulmonary infection. Maintaining tracheostomy hygiene and regular removal of secretions with Blue Line Ultra Suctionaid can help reduce this aspiration.

Maintaining patient comfort

Blue Line Ultra® Suctionaid® makes it easier to maintain patient comfort.

  • Inner Cannula - can be removed, cleaned and re-inserted without disturbing the tracheostomy tube itself
  • Tracheostomy tube may be left in situ for up to 30 days reducing the frequency of tube changes
  • Suction lumen integrated into tube wall for smooth, easy instertion to minimise trauma
  • Tube material softens at body temperature to conform to patient anatomy
  • Clear, flexible flange for comfort and aesthetic acceptability

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