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Clinell Universal Wipes [Bucket of 225 Refill]
Tongue Depressors Adult [Pack of 100]
Save 5%
Instrapac 7911 Sterile 12.5cm Sharp/Sharp Dressing Scissors
Carell Shampoo Cap [Pack of 1]
Save 56%
Unisurge Non Woven Sterile Swab, 10cm x 10cm, 4Ply, in 5's [Pack of 25]
Save 28%
Clinell Universal Disinfectant Spray 60ml
Save 59%
Washproof Spot Plasters - Pack of 100Washproof Spot Plasters - Pack of 100
Sale price£0.99 Regular price£2.41
Washproof Spot Plasters - Pack of 100GP SUPPLIES Reviews
Save 6%
Skin Staple Remover [1]
Sale price£0.34 Regular price£0.36
Skin Staple Remover [Pack of 1]GP SUPPLIES Reviews
Save 44%
Richard Allan Fine Tip Skin Marker Ruler & Label Set Sterile [Pack of 1]
Save 25%
B Braun Omnifix 5ml Hypodermic Luer Slip Syringe - [Pack of 100]
Save 14%
BD Emerald 307740 2ml Syringe Luer Slip with 23G x 1" Needle [Pack of 100]
Save 14%
Braun Thermoscan Ear Thermometer IRT 6520 [Pack of 1]
Save 23%
Foil Insulation Blanket
Sale price£0.75 Regular price£0.98
Foil Insulation BlanketGP SUPPLIES Reviews

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